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In early 2010, we started the installation of CNG compressor using ASPRO the FIAT factory in Tychy. As a company offering a wide range of gas fittings in our offer we are able to perform equipment, including compressors, CNG on request. One of the last of our projects was the installation of CNG for FIAT
We offer a large selection of filters for gas pressures of 2-40 bar with bodies in the implementation of aluminum, steel and brass with threaded connections (1/2 “-2”) and flange (DN25-DN150). We also offer filters for industrial gas installations. If you have any questions about filters, call or write an email, and our experts will
Gas detectors, detection
W przypadku korzystania z instalacji gazowych niezwykle ważne jest bezpieczeństwo. Drobna nieszczelność w układzie może grozić poważnym wybuchem, a niewielkie wycieki są często trudne do wizualnego zdiagnozowania. Nowoczesne detektory gazowe, znajdujące się w naszej ofercie, są w stanie wykryć ulatniający się gaz ziemny, LPG, gaz techniczny, a nawet czad. Posiadamy stacjonarne detektory do użytku domowego
LPG mixers
LPG Mixers We are the exclusive representative of Alternate Energy Systems in Western and Central Europe. Mixer POM (Piston Operated Mixers) is a patented system proven in many installations around the world.  
Pumps for LPG stations
As a company offering a comprehensive range of products and services to the gas industry, we offer also pumps for LPG stations. Pumping station LPG is an essential element for handling all kinds of gas distributors at LPG stations. All the products in our range come from a reputable and reliable manufacturers. If you would
Nasza firma oferuje Reduktory o różnych wydajnościach. Wśród nich są Reduktory LPG, Butlowe Przydomowe i Przemysłowe. Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z ofertą. Reduktory LPG Reduktory Butlowe Reduktory Przemysłowe
Regulating units
We offer a reduction units and graduate with a capacity of 50 kg / h in different configurations: single or double line, with the lock of the minimum / maximum pressure. Units can be equipped with gas separators, filters, flow meters, etc. Our qualified professionals are here to answer all questions related to regulating units.
Riello burners
RIELLO is a world leader in the production of burners. The products we offer are burners with a power rangefrom 10 kW to 32 MW. They operate fuel oil or gas, and biofuels. Depending on the design of burners offersingle-and two-stage modulated. Modulation burners potent done by mechanical cams, electronic orproportional gas valves. Depending upon
Technical Gases – Fittings
In response to what once frequent interest , we decided to expand our offer , where you can find a full line and fittings for technical gases : We invite you to explore the offer.     MEDICAL CATALOG     LASER CATALOG     CUTTING & WELDING CATALOG     RESEARCH & SPECIALITY CATALOG
In our company you will find a wide selection of high quality valves from reputable manufacturers. Shut-off valves are one of the key pieces of equipment gas installations. These include steel ball valves for gas reputable company Samtech (Boldrin, TAG) and copper gas ball valves made by the same manufacturer. We offer a wide range
Nasza firma oferuje Parowniki o różnych wydajnościach. Wśród nich są parowniki wodne, elektryczne i gazowe, Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z ofertą. Parowniki Wodne TAG Parowniki Wodne Parowniki Elektryczne Parowniki Elektryczne TAG Parowniki Elektryczne Kosan