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We specialize in industrial gas installations. We perform installations from design to execution. Our specialties are evaporator systems, gas mixing systems and technical gases. We have storage facilities, qualified service and more than 20 years of experience in the gas industry.

In our offer you will find evaporators of Italian and American manufacturers, US gas mixers, fittings for technical gases of Italian and American production, as well as gas fittings such as reducers of our Italian partners.

For many years we have been cooperating with numerous grain and corn dryers, gaining a wealth of experience not only in the installation of gas installations but also in the supply of gas itself. We are able to arrange regular gas supplies, both propane and propane-butane gas. Our vast experience mainly translates into the ability to analyze needs and determine the demand for gas, depending on the size of the facility and many other individual conditions.. Gas in liquefied liquid form is extremely useful not only in home but also in industry. Industrial gas is a solution to reduce your operating costs without sacrificing quality and productivity.

We install modern gas systems for many industries based on our vast experience and professional gas appliances. Thanks to specialized analyzes we are able to accurately determine the needs of the contractor, thus matching appropriate gas installations that meet the highest safety standards.