Gas detectors, detection

When using gas installations, safety is extremely important.

Even a small leak in the system can pose a serious risk of explosion!

Remember that small leaks are often difficult to visually diagnose. Our modern gas detectors are able to detect leaking natural gas, LPG, technical gas, and even carbon monoxide. We offer both stationary detectors for home use and professional industrial devices for detecting leaks, which are often legally required when starting a new business. Our gas detectors are characterized by the highest quality of workmanship and great effectiveness in detecting even small gas leaks.

NRG TECH srl was founded as a new reality in the world of electronics, used for detecting leaks and gas (gas detection) in the production and testing of new solutions. NRG TECH was proposed as new boundaries for those of us who seek and love new challenges.

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Our gas detectors offer

Sensors, domestic detectors, industrial gas detectors, temperature regulation, portable sensors, solenoid valves, seismic detectors, signaling devices, power supplies.