LPG Regulators

Our offer includes high-quality regulators for domestic and industrial installations. We offer the IPR series regulators for LPG and methane. This is a new line of regulators that has been designed to ensure high precision pressure regulation, ease of use, and technical service.

The IPR series regulators are suitable for civil and industrial installations and come in high/medium/low-pressure versions. The performance of the IPR regulators ranges from 90-2500 kg/h.

The IPR pressure regulators are “top entry” devices that, thanks to their unique design, allow technical service personnel to perform all service, periodic inspection, and maintenance operations without the need to disassemble the pressure regulator from the process line.

These devices are most commonly used in municipal and industrial gas reduction installations. They are used in natural gas reduction stations, industrial gases, liquefied gas, and other non-aggressive gases that have been properly treated and pre-cleaned.

Important features of the IPR series regulators:

the possibility of equipping with a lock valve for minimum and maximum pressure,

a wide range of pressure regulation,

fast response time.

Medium/low-pressure regulators with a performance of 90-250 kg/h

Medium/low-pressure regulators with a performance of 250-2000 kg/h

High-pressure regulators with a performance of 120-2000 kg/h

30 kg Cylinder Regulator Set:

  • First and Second stage regulator
  • Collectors for 2 or 3 cylinders
  • Hoses of 50 and 70 cm.