How to save on industrial energy in uncertain times?

Running a business in Poland and Europe has never been easy, and now it seems almost impossible. There are more and more unknowns, and solutions that were supposed to save energy a few years ago are now bringing companies to the brink of bankruptcy. What to do to ensure flexibility without paying a fortune and at the same time not closing yourself to the current solution? Energy savings in industry can be beneficial. In this article, we will give you ideas on how to save energy at work.

The use of natural gas – changes at the turn of recent years.

Just a few years ago, the state encouraged the use of this type of energy, advertising it as a cheaper and more ecological alternative. The availability of connections and the safety provided by appropriate installations were praised. Now we know that the use of this form of energy does not guarantee us neither the stability of supplies nor the best price, because other fees, such as transmission costs, are added to the price of the gas itself.

What affects the price of natural gas?

There are a number of factors that affect whether the price of natural gas will go up or down. Undoubtedly, at the moment gas price forecasts for next year are alarming, mainly for entrepreneurs for whom uninterrupted gas supply is the main condition for maintaining production continuity. The current political situation in Europe has resulted in a decrease in the volume of distributed fuel. In addition, in Poland, higher prices are motivated by the increase in inflation, the increase in the costs of obtaining energy and the costs of additional services.

What do fluctuating gas prices mean?

Fluctuations in the price of gas mean instability in energy supplies and great difficulties in predicting budgeting for enterprises for which gas supplies are a large part of the costs and a component of production costs. As a result, costs go up and profits go down, even though productivity stays the same. Often the lack of stability means that the entrepreneur is forced to look for cost cuts where it is more predictable, e.g. among employees.

How to deal with fluctuating gas prices?

During this difficult time, when natural gas prices are uncertain, we recommend installing an LPG installation with an LPG gas mixer. Thanks to the mixer, we gain the ability to switch between installations: natural gas and LPG, and thus choose the most advantageous option at a given time. The lack of stability of the political situation in Europe and the economic situation in our country prompts us to look for solutions that will be flexible and give us a choice. Thanks to the fact that we will install an additional liquefied gas installation, and not completely give up natural gas, we have a chance to monitor and minimize losses.

What is the difference between natural gas and liquid gas?

One of the main characteristics of gases that differ is their calorific value. LPG has twice the calorific value, which means that the same amount of gas will burn longer. The remaining differences, which are very important for entrepreneurs (apart from the state of aggregation), relate to the method of delivery. LPG is supplied by many companies, thanks to which we gain a choice between several offers that differ in competitive prices and services to which they relate. It is also very important that with liquid fuel we only pay for consumption, not for transmission. Thanks to the installation of a POM mixer, we are able to use LPG as a so-called backup in the event of a lack of natural gas supplies or covering consumption peaks.

What are the main advantages of a POM mixer?

By LPG gas mixer, the user is able to decide and switch the gas he wants to use at the moment. It gains full control over fuel switching and can monitor fuel consumption and act on the fly in unusual situations. This is great flexibility, considering the double calorific value of LPG, which is much cheaper if the LPG system is installed correctly and is owned by the company, it also gives you independence. Thanks to the mixer, we also do not have to worry about changing the settings of burners and boilers, because they will work on the same devices.

How does a POM mixer work?

ts main function is to mix propane (liquefied petroleum gas) with compressed air. In this way, propane achieves the same parameters as natural gas. The same parameters mean that there is no need to change the burner and both gases can be connected to the same burner, and switching between them is automatic.

How long does it take to install an LPG gas mixer?

Installation of the installation together with the mixer takes about 2 weeks, unfortunately you have to be prepared for an additional waiting period of 3 to 5 months for the devices.