How to evaporate gas costs?

No one needs convincing that the current times are uncertain and it is hard to predict anything. There is talk of shields, subsidies, but we all know that even if it is available, it is only a temporary measure. Is there any way to protect yourself? We come to help 

The fatal results of a good decision

Most large factories, smelters and dryers use natural gas because it was the best option at the time the decision was made. We will not dwell here on the current results of this decision, because every entrepreneur knows them and, unfortunately, feels them severely. The fact is that as business owners, we must reckon with the fact that nothing good will last forever. The only thing that can save us is flexibility.

Pair systems and evaporate costs

Sounds enigmatic yet too good to be true? We’ll be happy to explain it. The systems we mention are natural gas installations and LPG gas installations. With the right combination, you not only get the opportunity to use many offers of LPG gas suppliers, but you also have access to gas that has twice the calorific value of natural gas, thanks to which you save money.

How to pair gas systems?

As you can probably guess, it’s not that simple. This is a special installation containing many elements. We would like to focus on the vaporizer (vaporizer) to explain the whole idea of ​​this project. The evaporator is a device that is designed to change the liquid phase of LPG into the volatile phase. Thanks to the appropriate liquid and temperature, the gas regains its aggregate state (volatile), and then, thanks to the mixer, it is delivered to the receiver, where combustion takes place. By combining these systems, we ensure that gas restrictions or natural gas outages do not jeopardize our production.

Which vaporizer to choose?

Vaporizers can be divided into two types: hot water bath and electric. In addition, they are divided by performance. We advise large enterprises, steel mills and dryers to purchase electric vaporizers. Their advantage is ease of operation, use and reliability. What’s more, you can choose whether you want to have an electrical box mounted on the evaporator or outside the danger zone. Of course, all our vaporizers have the necessary certificates to ensure safety in use.

How to increase the effects of system pairing and reduce costs to a minimum?

How to choose an evaporator capacity? Should you choose hot water bath or electric? How much can we save by combining installations and how to optimize them? We are here to present you possible solutions and compare them according to your criteria. By getting to know your company characteristics and energy needs, together we will find the right way to save money and become independent of natural gas.