TIGHT LPG compressors

TIGHT compressors are vertical oil-free compressors, manufactured and distributed by Tecnogas, characterized by high efficiency and low installation and maintenance costs. Accoridng to high reliability and applied safety measures, provided for by ATEX, PED and the Machinery Directive, TIGHT compressors can operate in any environment.

The maintenance and after-sales service offered by Tecnogas ensures constant technical support to customers, and our warehouse guarantees the availability of spare parts, which we ship worldwide within a few days. TIGHT compressors are a combination of strength and small dimensions, ensuring the best parameters for compressing process gases, both for stationary and mobile needs.

The TIGHT range includes single-stage, two-stage and double-seal compressors, according to the required performance and type of gas used. There is a range of kits, ranging from basic equipment to complete kits, equipped with an EEXD electric control panel and various safety and control devices. Skid-mounted equipment used in industrial installations and compressors connected to hydraulic motors used in vehicles or trailer-mounted for emergencies can be supplied on request and customized to customer specifications.

APPLICATION AND USE: TIGHT compressors have a number of applications: Pumping liquefied gas between tanks, recovery of residual vapors, recovery of LPG from cylinders or gas tanks in emergency situations, as devices increasing low gas pressure (biogas or natural gas). In general, compressor compressors are used in warehouses, liquefied gas bottling plants and stationary industrial plants, or are installed on LPG tankers and emergency vehicles.

GASES PUMPED BY COMPRESSORS: TIGHT compressors are suitable for pumping liquid gas, refrigerants, ammonia, dimethyl ether, vinyl chloride, air, natural gas and a range of other process gases.