Our company

Our company offers a wide range of products and services to the gas industry. We design and manufacture equipment and installations propane gas. We offer technical support and professional services facilities, including separate technical department specialized in the service of vaporizers Our products have all the necessary certificates.
We provide professional service and guarantee the highest quality of products we sell. In the period 2007 – 2008 we sold and launched evaporator water boiler with a capacity of 750 kg – 2000 kg / h These devices have been used in drying and glassworks. In 2009, we delivered mixer with a capacity of 8000 kg / h to Europe’s largest glass factory. In 2010, we undertook and completed another major project. Our company took up running CNG compressor using ASPRO the FIAT factory in Tychy.
Most of the products offered by our company comes from a reputable manufacturer of gas appliances Samtech (Boldrin, TAG). It is the undisputed leader in the production of valves, evaporators and regulators whose products have gained recognition all over the world. The company Samtech work for years. We have confidence in the products of this brand, because they never let us down.
Inter Tech Gas in Poland is the only representative companies: Samtech (Boldrin, TAG) (Italy), drove Storks (Italy), Alternate Energy Systems, Inc.. (USA). Our employees have years of experience, gained in companies such as: GASPOL, BP. For many years, sell products and provide advice in the field of LPG. Are experts who have not only experienced, but also the knowledge, continually perfected for various types of training courses in the industry. With our expertise, knowledge and skills, we offer cutting-edge products for the heating industry and LNG LPG and CNG.
Profile of our company include: technical consulting, design, installation and commissioning of equipment, complex installations, warranty and post-warranty service. Service equipment is one of the structures in our company, which is responsible for solving problems related to the proper functioning of the devices. Professional services for us a very important part of business. In case of technical problems, our qualified professionals arrive at the place and make any necessary repairs.
Service evaporator unit of our company is dedicated specifically to deal with all faults and technical problems associated with the evaporator. Our skilled professionals with a wealth of knowledge about the operation of the evaporators, we will gladly give you a little advice by telephone. If, however, one of your vaporizers fails and needs service, our technicians will take place and quickly remove any defects.