Cylinder regulators

We offer high quality regulating units for installation of sewage and industrial gearboxes. We offer a series of IPR reducers for LPG and methane. It is a new line of regulators, which was created so as to ensure high precision pressure control, ease of operation and maintenance.

Reducing IPR series are used in civil and industrial installations, there are versions of high / medium / low pressure. Performance IPR regulators are in the range 90-2500 kg / h

Pressure regulators are devices IPR model “top entry”, which due to their specific structural characteristics, allow maintenance workers to accede to perform all sorts of maintenance, periodic inspection and maintenance without removal of the body of the pressure reducer of the core.

These devices are most commonly used in municipal and industrial installations gas reduction. They are used in gas reduction stations, industrial gases, liquefied petroleum gas, as well as other types of gases with a non-aggressive, which have previously been properly cleaned and pre-Conditioned.

Important features reducers IPR series:

• be equipped with a safety valve to make the minimum and maximum pressure
• wide range of pressure control
• speed.

To learn more, talk to a specialist. Our qualified consultant will answer all your questions and explain the problem. Regardless of whether you want to purchase, or do you have a technological problem or failure, and you are not our client, we are happy to share their knowledge and experience in the field of pressure regulators.

Reducing medium / low pressure with a capacity of 90-250 kg / h

Reducing medium / low pressure with capacity 250-2000 kg / h

Reducing high pressure with capacity 120-2000 kg / h

Set regulator to the cylinder 30 kg:

– Regulator and second class,
– Collectors on 2 or 3 cylinders,
– Hoses 50 and 70 cm.