In our company you will find a wide selection of high quality valves from reputable manufacturers. Shut-off valves are one of the key pieces of equipment gas installations. These include steel ball valves for gas reputable company Samtech (Boldrin, TAG) and copper gas ball valves made by the same manufacturer. We offer a wide range of different types of valves, each with different dimensions and technical parameters. We offer the following types of valves:
– Ball valves with steel body with threaded connections (1 “-4”) and flange (DN15-DN100)
– cocks and brass valves with threaded connections (1/4 “-3”) – butterfly valves with flange (DN40-DN300)
– needle valves with threaded connections (1/4 “-1 / 2”).
If you have any questions or concerns about valves or just need an advice from a qualified expert, please contact us. Just call or write an e-mail to our company, and our technicians are happy to provide answers to all questions.

Stainless steel ball valves for gas.


Brass filters