Alternative to natural gas

Ensuring uninterrupted energy supply is extremely important in maintaining production continuity. To avoid losses associated with natural gas supply shortages, we propose the installation of an LPG liquefied gas system with an LPG gas mixer as a backup solution. Such a system can serve as a backup and offers the following benefits:

  • Increased calorific value of natural gas
  • Complete replacement of natural gas with LPG liquefied gas
  • Lower fuel costs due to the free market for liquid fuels
  • Complete freedom in choosing the supplier of liquefied gas
  • No production downtime due to natural gas supply shortages
  • No need to change burner, boiler settings, etc.
  • No fixed charges for natural gas transmission, and the only cost is the cost of consumed LPG gas
  • Reduction in natural gas consumption in the plant
  • The ability to order a minimum amount of natural gas and cover peaks with LPG gas.

Considering the above advantages, it is worth investing in an LPG gas installation with a POM mixer.

Alternative to natural gas – why is it good idea?

It can be used as a backup installation. In the era of soaring fuel prices, supply disruptions, and lower calorific value, investing in an LPG gas installation with an LPG gas mixer will significantly affect comfort and reduce production costs (covering peaks). We are happy to answer your questions at +48 509 062 346 and email:

What is the alternative to natural gas?

The alternative to natural gas is propane liquefied gas in a special mixture with compressed air called SNG. It is a fuel that comes from the free market.

Is propane liquefied gas cheaper than natural gas?

Propane liquefied gas is cheaper to use than natural gas because you only pay for the amount of gas actually consumed.

What can replace natural gas?

The only practical solution is to use an LPG gas installation with a POM mixer. This allows you to use SNG gas in any proportion – at high natural gas prices or covering peaks. The POM mixer installation can be used as a backup.

What is cheaper than natural gas?

An appropriately designed and built LPG installation, owned by the customer, is definitely cheaper to operate than a natural gas installation. An alternative to natural gas is an SNG mixer installation.

Which industrial gas is more calorific?

Propane liquefied gas is nearly 2x more calorific than natural gas and always has a constant calorific value.

Is there independent gas supply?

Using propane liquefied gas guarantees complete independence. Propane with air creates an identical mixture to natural gas, which allows for the creation of a backup installation as an alternative to natural gas.

How to cover peaks in natural gas consumption?

Covering peaks in natural gas consumption is possible by using a POM mixer in an LPG installation.

How does the POM mixer work?

The POM mixer mixes propane liquefied gas with compressed air, thus producing gas with exactly the same parameters as natural gas. Switching between gases is done automatically.

Can natural gas be mixed with propane?

Natural gas can be mixed with liquefied gas, thereby increasing the calorific value of natural gas.

How to protect against natural gas shortages?

The solution to prevent natural gas shortages is to use an LPG installation with a POM mixer, which allows for the use of SNG gas in any proportion.