LPG mixers

LPG/Air Mixers have been used for decades to produce Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG). SNG is a blend of LPG and air that has the same Wobbe Index as Natural Gas (Methane). By matching the Wobbe Index, SNG has the same combustion characteristics as, and can therefore be freely interchanged with, Natural Gas. This has lead to the use of LPG/Air Mixers as both primary fuel sources and stand-by systems. Additionally, LPG/Air Mixers have seen extensive use in Peakshaving and CityGas applications.

There are several types of LPG/Air mixing technologies available in the market. The largest group of these Mixers are often referred to as “Proportional” Mixers. These are Mixing systems that can easily change the blending ratio of LPG and air. The three dominant technologies are:
1. Piston Operated Mixers (AES POM)
2. Floating Variable Orifice or Consta-Mix Mixers (FVO or CM)
3. “Flow-Meter” type Mixers (sometimes called AFC)

While all of the above designs are capable of producing acceptable SNG under ideal operating conditions, not all Mixers deliver reliable results under ALL operating conditions.
The Piston Operated Mixer (POM) manufactured by Alternate Energy Systems, Inc. (AES) is a time-tested and proven design that has been used world-wide for more than 40 years. In fact, the design is so simple and well-tested that some even refer to it as “Old Fashioned”. At the heart of the POM Mixer is the POM valve itself. This patented valve uses a simple floating piston design to not only set the blending ratio of LPG and air but also exactly match SNG production to customer demand. The beauty of the POM design is that it does not rely on diaphragms, flow-meters, dynamic seals, or complicated differential pressure arrangements, but instead utilizes fundamental physical properties that almost anyone can understand.

POM Mixers have been manufactured for many years and have seen continual improvements of their control components, but without any changes to the main design concept. The mixers have been approved by Factory Mutual (FM Global) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Mixers with European CE Mark comply with all applicable EU Directives (ATEX, PED, etc.).